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We offer the best in aerial cinematography expertise and equipment

Chris Fox

Chris brings his engineering and technical innovation to Ignite Digi. He is our chief pilot, designer and engineer. If you want the camera moved, he will make it so. Whether flying the drone, wearing the MōVI or driving the MōVI mounted car around, he understands the demands of a film set and strives to save minutes of the shoot day by engineering efficient and safe designs.

Tom Waugh

Tom brings his creative eye to Ignite Digi. He is our in house cinematographer, MōVI controller and editor. His AFTRS cinematography training, years of camera assisting and on set work have prepared him well for this role. Whether working in the creative team discussing the next shot, pulling focus or operating the MōVI, Tom understands visual storytelling and brings both creative and technical knowledge to your next production.

Aerial cinematography

Utilising the DJI Inspire 2 with X5S camera on board, allows us to get you awesome shots quickly, safely and with a choice of focal lengths: 12, 15, 25 and 45mm. Capturing RAW, Prores or H264 means flexibility in post production. Our drone teams bring all the gear and accessories needed for a full day of drone filming, including monitors and generators.

We have extensive experience working with National Parks for permits to fly in the reserves and national parks around Tasmania.

We carry $20m Public Liability insurance and workers compensation for your peace of mind.

JI Inspire 2 with X5S camera on board

Aerial photo

Capturing 20.8 megapixel aerial photos and panoramas with the Inspire 2 and X5S, you will see a live image from the camera as we fly.

On-ground cinematography

We can provide both traditional on ground (tripod/handheld) and gimbal work. Our custom made parts allow for quick change from gimbal to handheld/tripod in around 1 minute.

The MōVI Pro stabiliser can be used handheld, mounted to our cablecam or to our vehicle for super stable tracking shots that feel like you’re flying. Mix this with our live 1080p wireless video feed and remote iris and focus for limitless creativity. Our team can provide gimbal, drone and camera assisting services, all within the same day.

We own an Alexa Mini kit (EF and PL mount with Anamorphic licence) and Red Epic MX kit (5K RAW).

MōVI Pro and handheld

Custom parts

We have an in-house machine shop with 2 x CNC Mills (1 x 3 axis and 1 x 4 axis) as well as a flat bed router (for carbon fibre plate) that allows us to make parts for our shop but also to make custom parts for any shoots we are working on! We also make power cables in house for cameras and accessories.

Custom parts